Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yard Quilt

Our community has started
making yard quilts
similar to Barn Quilts
but for your home

We bought a pre cut 
2x2 ft birch board
for $7

It was apinted with house paint

It needed 2 coats

Marked off the pattern

painted each square

Taped off the border
and painted

Attach the stakes

I chose the Crossroad Pattern

because of it's significance 
to the underground Railroad
which was integral to our area

The pattern refers to
Cleveland Ohio
which offered 
several routes to freedom

Cleveland was 
referred to as Hope.
It also signifies
a point where a person's
life will change
so one must be
willing to go on*


  1. What a cool project!
    Are you going to have an event, also, where everyone brings and shows their yard quilt?
    I love the info about Cleveland and Hope.
    I think I should like to write: "HOPE: a point where a person's life will change so one must be willing to go on" on my chalkboard wall.
    Blessings to you, Jo, as you make your home~

  2. Great idea! It turned out beautifully. Have a great day! La

  3. Never heard of such a thing, but your's is cute and looks GREAT by the corner of your porch.

  4. Love your post and the yard quilt is great. Driving today in Tenn and Kentucky I saw three barn quilts and was excited since I had just read your post. Thanks for the great info.