Friday, September 30, 2011

Halloween Bag

I got the bag at the Dollar Tree

they were 2 bags for a dollar
The lace was from Joann's

and was on sale for $2
I used 1/2 of it per bag

I started out with 
regular glue 

but it didn't work as well

so I used a hot glue gun

I took purple, orange and black
ribbon and made a bow then added:

I found these chipboard
at Walmart

I also glued the cat on the body of the bag

This craft project

I will be using one for a swap

Monday, September 26, 2011

Button Bracelets

A few new things I have been working on

button bracelets

Halloween inspired

There really isn't much
to make them
put the jump ring threw the button 
and attach it to the link in the bracelet

if you buy the pre-made link bracelets its even easier!

otherwise just add
a clasp and off you go!

Summer Inspired

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Outside my window..sort of

There hasn't been to much activity 
outside my window lately
I did see my bunny friend
He/She has lived here
since a baby
every yr I wonder if they'll be back

I hadn't seen him/her until this wk

Needless to say I was pleased

this guy scared the beejebbies
out of my dtr
She didn't see him until
 she was real up and close...

Festival Day 2

Day 2
of the Community Festival
was the parade in the morning
(see separate post here)



then I worked the campaign booth
 in the afternoon

The Candidate

The candidates twin and his family

 There were a lot of us
 running around with blue t-shirts

we gave away 1600+ 
pieces of cotton candy

I was surprised how many
 people came up
and when we handed 
them a free cotton candy
they were surprised 
(I guess no one gives free things)
- and how many older people
 commented that it had 
been years since they had it!

The best thing 
is being w my girls

I was so tired I didn't even go over to take photos
of the moon glow
The festival ended at 9
and we left abt 10:15
when all the vendors had left
and we got the roads ready
to be re-opened by the police
It was a great weekend but it took
 me a few days to recoup

I did borrow 
the following photo
 of the balloon glow
by my friend Alan King