Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lamp Base Birdfeeder

Became this

I glass lamp base
1 glass divided plate
It needs to be divided in order for it to sit up

unscrew the base from the rest of the lamp

after dismantling

I used the glass base
and the middle rod

I got the following couplets
 in the lightening dept
 they have threads
 all the way threw so you
could combine 2 rods
at Lowe's
I needed this piece to make
the rod stick up higher

I glued on to a washer

I  glued to a knob to hold the lid on

I then glued the bottom 
of the washer

 to the divided plate

then glued the lamp to
 the divided plate with E6000

Cut a hole in the plate

 and screw the knob on the top
Because the glass is so heavy
we ended up putting
 a screw down the top 
of the knob after we
 put the wire for the hanger in

I drilled a hole in the knob
prior to gluing it to the extension piece


I forgot to buy birdseed
so tomorrow I'll get some 
and post a photo
with it


  1. What a wonderful transformation. I am impressed! La

  2. I really, really love your crystal lamp turned bird feeder! Such a great repurposing project! Bet the birds will love it, too! Thanks for the great tutorial :)

  3. That is really pretty! It would go nicely in my (Not so right now) enchanted garden area! You always tackle the projects that take hand tools! Good for you ;)

  4. So creative and unique! Great job, I love it!

  5. So creative & unique, I love it! You did a great job, thanks for sharing.

  6. That is so cute -- I will never think of a lamp in the same way again! Great job!

  7. Hi Jo,
    What a pretty, pretty birdfeeder! Any bird would be lucky to eat a morsel from that feeder!!
    The Tattered Tassel

  8. Hi Jo! Happy Met Monday! LUV your birdfeeder, girl! Soooo pretty! You should make a bunch of them and sell them! Lol! I'm saving your post for a future craft this winter when I'm pining away for summer... :)

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  9. Jo thanks for visiting Project Naptime! You are so nice! I love your bird feeder. Very classy indeed.

  10. That is a beautiful, beautiful bird feeder.

  11. such a fun project and this would look so pretty in the garden!! Now to find a divided plate!!!

  12. What a great idea! I stopped by from It's so very Cheri.

  13. Hi! I saw you on soverycheri and had to stop by. Love your project, so pretty and elegant~

  14. I totally have to do this! What a great piece of backyard bling!

    I found you over at It's So Very Cheri.

  15. Hello- Just found your blog through Transformation Thursday! This is such a smart creative idea. I love everything glass. So much cuter than our plastic bird feeders.I think I will be on the look out for a glass lamp next time I'm at the thrift shops : )

  16. Fantastic.

  17. Jo I just found this. That is brilliant. I have been taking apart lamps and creating candle pedestals and bird baths lately but this hanging one is so great. Thanks for the inspiration! Pam