Monday, May 30, 2011

Pool Babe

She wasn't sure of it at first

and she is still trying to remove 
the alligators on the pool
(click on photo to see it larger)

but she has gotten the hang of it

even to the pt the first thing
she wanted to do this am was go 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

What a week of surprises

For my birthday 
my hsb bought me

I have been using a make shift
system to take pictures
of Izzy
 he decided after
 the last photo shoot 
to get me something better
than shop lights

I'm going to have to
figure out how to use it
It comes with 2 CD's
worth of tutorials
and then how to play with green screens

On my birthday
there was a contest on
 Adobe Photoshop Face Book pg
for PSE9 and Premier 9 bundle
I thought well it is my birthday
and guess what I won it
was I shocked!!!
I still didn't believe it
until it showed up at my door

and I opened it

yup it was true!!

I think I've got some learn' to do!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The right fit...

I haven't been doing a whole lot
of crafting lately

I've been going through closets
and clearing out the basement
of things that just don't "fit" us

I did take some photos in the yard

We having been making decisions 
on what fits and what doesn't
The wood on the raised garden beds
 are rotting so we have opted
to take them completely out

I may put a few tomato plants in the front
All my herbs will go in the front
The soil is poor in the back
and it has been a struggle
 to get anything to really take off

I have been visiting 
in blogland
and hope to be crafting again soon

Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Adventures

This weekend
we were going to
celebrate my birthday
by going to a favorite cafe
 and going to
 the Springfield Extravaganza

We did go to Teaberrie Cafe

It was an old schoolhouse

Besides the cafe they have a country shop

My hsb took a photo of me walking in
he know I hate having my photo taken

the patio

Inside the cafe

From the main room you can look into an enclosed porch
They had a bridal shower in there that day 

My dining companion

I had the Calypso
grilled turkey/provolone
cranberry walnut horseradish sauce
on 12 grain bread
with pistachio pudding

My hsb had
Reuben panini

after much debate 
we decided not to go to the extravaganza

there wasn't anything 
I really needed as
 I'm trying to clean out 
and downsize

and at $7 per person
 just to look seemed a bit pricey
I imagine there were a lot of goodies there

After reading some of the comments
on their fb pg
(vendors leaving early
and getting in to the
 fairground nightmares)
 I'm glad we opted out
and went yard saling
We didn't buy anything
 and best of all it was free!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

You say its your birthday.....

I had a very quiet birthday

Isabella and I hung out
all day and I played with my cricut machine
I did get some beautiful yellow roses

My hsb stopped and got Chinese food
and my dtr brought this
piece of decadence
Caramel and Chocolate swirl
with chocolate frosting

Monday, May 16, 2011

It's Spray Paint Season

My family makes fun of me
I've am being known as the 
Spray Paint Queen....

I found this new color 
urban beige by Valspar


I did the chair
in the front we painted 2 yrs
ago a brown stone 
I didn't want the white



it stuck out to much
so we did it in brown


I posted abt it here


well it blended in to well so I went 
with the Urban beige

We started weeding today
so please disregard the weeds
This flower bed is usually all


I liked it so well I 
spray painted these 2 items

I bought this tray quite a while back 
and wasn't sure what I was going to use it for

but found a place for it
I wish it was a little bit bigger
so I could make  it a coffee center but oh well

I have quite a few more things
to paint but I'm not sure 
what color