Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

As most of us do at this time of year,
 I have reflected back on 2011 
and it has been a roller coaster 
ride of ups and downs.

 I have many things to be grateful for -
one is the friendship of my blogging friends
 and of course of my family. 

You have made me laugh even 
when you didn't know I had nothing 
to laugh abt, 

you made me believe there 
are still good, kind hearted people who 
do care abt their fellow man and are
 willing to give of themselves to 
ease someone else’s suffering,

when I have been having my 
own pity party, you have made 
me realize I am not the only one 
going through the
 trials and tribulations of life, 
to put my big girl panties on 
and deal with. 

Thank each and every one 
for being who you are 
and being a part of my life

…. As we face a new year 
I wish all of you, health, 
happiness, and the
 strength to persevere 
through your own
 trial and tribulations.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Top 5

My top 5 viewed posts
this year

                                                                 Pink Lemonade Cake

Monday, December 26, 2011


A friend of mine
made the following for:

her in-laws


she put all
the grandkids names
on the board
using the
plantain schoolbook cartridge
in brown vinyl
then modpodged 
the board

these she did for her parents

her kids teachers
wordle inspired:

aren't these GREAT?!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Field Journal/Creative Box

I was fortunate enough
to be an elf 
for Santa this year

A friend had a dilemma
Her dtr wanted a field journal
like in the Tinkerbell movie

She didn't know where to get one
and she posted it on fb

I've made a lot of journals 
so I was up 
for a challenge
and offered to help
 or make one

I started off covering the
 front, back and insides
with glittery cardstock
(from Joanns)
I cut the letters
out with Cricut
using the exclusive alphabet
in the craft room
I added a
Tinkerbell Sticker
and gems

I also added ribbon ties

I covered the pocket
with Tinkerbell paper
(from Joanns)

The tag

(from the movie)

I didn't want to over embellish
since this was her creativity
I gathered it all up 
in a plastic container
and applied her name 
on the outside
(cut out of vinyl
w/Cricut Calligraphy)

I had a lot of extras 
I added into the box
and her Mom bought
some doo-dads too

Santa wrapped it up
for delivery
shhhh don't tell anyone
I helped Santas this yr

I haven't heard yet 
on her reaction