Friday, September 30, 2011

Halloween Bag

I got the bag at the Dollar Tree

they were 2 bags for a dollar
The lace was from Joann's

and was on sale for $2
I used 1/2 of it per bag

I started out with 
regular glue 

but it didn't work as well

so I used a hot glue gun

I took purple, orange and black
ribbon and made a bow then added:

I found these chipboard
at Walmart

I also glued the cat on the body of the bag

This craft project

I will be using one for a swap


  1. Loving it! I'm hitting the dollar store today to make one for myself. You are so creative!

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  3. This is super! I love that lace. I'd like to invite you to link up to my link party going on right now!

  4. Where do you come up with all these cute ideas? I am so not a crafty person! lol Give me a room to decorate, though, and I am in heaven!

  5. Thank You - it came from a want to give gifts to people when I was a poor struggling student. I have always hated paying an arm and a leg for anything I could make myself. I am the opposite I find it a challenge to decorate - especially tablescapes and mantles! For some reason they seem to be just missing. I can do the color and the materials but its the accessories that always get me - I think I may over think it all

  6. Cute, cute, cute!!! I'd be thrilled if you came and shared these at my halloween link party at !

  7. That is so creative. Love how you created something so pretty for such little money. What a great treat bag! I am a new follower from Blue Cricket Design. Vicky from

  8. Really cute idea. Love how the bags turned out, well done!

  9. You are one amazingly creative lady and we are just glad to follow your projects!