Sunday, July 31, 2011

Outside My Window...

Plant it and they will come....

Butterfly bush that is

Can you see the bee?

Yes the butterfly is in this photo too...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In a Snap

This is a no brainer recipe
4lbs green beans

snapped and put in 
a crockpot
1 C water

1 pkg turkey bacon crumbles

cook until done!

Whats on the Menu

For the Birds.....

I had this bird feeder
that the squirrels knocked
 out the plexiglass
the door was originally green
I hadn't planned on posting
until after I painted the door


The colors I used
are what we are going
 to paint the house with


I used Balsa wood
 for the side panels

Side by Side

I forgot to take a before photo
of this birdhouse
but was at Michaels and
took one with my phone

I added this emblem
spray painted Oregano
by Rusteolum

The base was sprayed with
Urban Beige

It needed more so
 I added this to the roof
Valspars Burnt Plum

and the base is
Benjamin Moore's
I added a fence
that I got at JoAnn's

a little Aleenes


The walls
are painted Benjamin Moore

the roof is Valspar
alternating with 
Benjamin Moore
Norwich Green

The roof looked flat so
I glazed the whole thing with

Last but not least
yeah I remembered to take the shot!

The roof is Norwood
the body is Champagne

All together:

Make it For Monday
Market It Yourself Mon
Just Something I Whipped Up
Its So Very creative
Get your Craft On Thursday Fun to Craft

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Outside My Window.... Wednesday

There are more than birds
at the feeder outside my window


I saw the branch move and noticed this one:

We have a lot of squirrels but this time
 of year they pretty much
bounce from limb to limb
threw the leave canopy

We get a lot of birds because
 there is a huge Mulberry Tree
outside this window
It does get rather messy

Mourning Dove

We also have a bunny
but they are rather shy