Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

Once again
we celebrated Easter
at the Hilton Garden Inn

The room was very

Of course there was 
The Easter Bunny...

oh my..
.was there ever some
delish food....

I think everyone got their fill

all kinds
of mini desserts
which were just the right size

 All but one of my
kiddlings were there...
he had to work...

or wait did he????

Next year will
be interesting as
we add to our kiddos


Monday, March 25, 2013

Victorian meets Madonna Display

I have been working
on my displays for my 
booth this year

My jewelry has taken a turn
and it is time 
for my displays
as well

I bought this 
wire dress from 

Vintage Dress Form

The black wasn't working for me
so I sprayed it Heirloom White

I started pining the jewelry on the frame
but that wasn't doing it for me
so I decided to ties some
lace curtains on her

She will have more
necklaces attached to her
this was just a test

From this angle
all I could think of
was Madonna look
of the 1980's

but from
this angle
it looks
like a bustle

I was pretty impressed 
oh how she looks
I will be pulling up
her skirt in the back
so there isn't
a gap

Now on to the
table displays

grandbaby count down
10 weeks down
1/4 of the way
30 weeks to go.....

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Grandma Jo

22 yrs ago today I gave birth 
to Devon 6 weeks early, 
how exciting is it that we can now
 announce that in Oct she
will be giving birth our first grandchild? 
This has been the hardest
 secret we have had to keep off of fb or blog abt 
(for 3 wks! She told us on Chuck’s boday) 
so I can now shout…… 

Sunday, March 10, 2013


When I got her she was partially covered
with dirty white medical tape
I had no idea what I was abt to uncover
(of course I didn't think
to take photos until
after I started to rehab her)

she was definitely cracked up

I spackled her together 
over a couple of days

then sanded her smooth
and reapplied more spackle as needed

She was very long and I only
wanted a short mannequin
so my hsb cut her off and 
mounted her on an old
broken ashtray base 
we had

After that I took torn  computer paper
crumpled it up and modpodgd it
on Lily.

This took a few days
and I did it very randomly

Making sure the wrinkles
and imperfections were present

I coated her with a watered down
white acrylic paint

Then sponged on a watered down
linen colored 
acrylic paint

it gave it just enough contrast
and a weathered
down look 

I tried to make sure 
to get in every nook and cranny

 I followed up w 2 coats of matte

The next step
was to add some bling

and viola
Lily is now
a fashion model.....

I am thinking abt making a muslin ruffled
skirt to hang more necklaces from

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