Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tag it.....

I was looking to
do something different 
in some jewelry pieces
 and found this tutorial

I modified some of it
First I scratched
the surface od the key tags
(I purchased these at ACE
for .99 a piece
 They do have 
larger ones for 1.59)
with sandpaper
(I didn't take any photos
of this step)

Spray painted them 
my old stand by
Rustoleum Heirloom White

in the tutorial they used black ink
Michaels was out of it
 and I decided to try StazOn timber brown
using Recollections Elegant Double

I think I like the brown better

After stamping the tutorial
had you put them in a 350 degree
oven to heat then sprinkle 
Detail Embossing Powder
and let it melt - I tried that 
but it didn't seem to really
work for me

so I lightly sprinkled the
tag put it in a 350
 and waited for it to melt

You MUST stay close by
as it melted I would sprinkle
more on to get better

I also tried
using glossy accents
to see what happened

It takes a day to dry
it does give the same look 
but much
more time

Tomorrow I will be designing
necklaces with stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Now that google reader is gone (for me at least) 
Can anyone give me a recommendation 
on which reader they are using - or ones they did not like?