Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Easy Turtle Layer Cake

This recipe was based loosely off of
the following one

I made an easier version using

Sea Salt Caramel Frosting by

1/4 C powder sugar

1 dark chocolate cake mix made as per instructions
dividing the batter into 3 round pans
( I didn't do this so ended up cutting each one in half)

Hot Fudge Chocolate Ice Cream Sauce - heated

Pecan pieces

Make the cake as per instructions
Mix the frosting w the powder sugar until well blended
level each layer by cutting w serrated knife
Spread frosting on each layer and stack
Spread a fine layer of the hot fudge sauce
Repeat for next layer

One the top layer
spread the hot fudge sauce until it drips over the edge
With a star tip go around the edge of the cake
Depending on the size of your star tip 
either do one or 2 rounds
in the center sprinkle pecans