Thursday, August 10, 2017

Galaxy Themed Card Holder

For my daughters space themed wedding
I couldn't find a card holder that 
really worked well with the theme 
so I made one!

It started with 50/50 mix
of glue and water
and Sunday's newspaper

I found if I mixed it and put
it back into the empty
bottle and used it to
spray a small amt
it worked best 
Now I will say this is VERY messy!

I started covering it with the colored pages
of the paper and alternated 
with black and white print
this kept me straight on which layer
I was on
I did 5 total layers

I left an area big enough for the slot for card 
and a hand to fit into

The last layer I used a paperbag

Once all covered I let it dry for 
4 days
I then covered it with jet black paint

I let that dry for a day 
Then drew the constellations 
on it.
I picked the astrological signs
of the bride, groom and their children
I then added when they 1st met, engaged, and married
I filled in with their favoite ones.
I used othe old school method of
pencil to transfer then used

a silver fine point paint pen

After that I put 2 layers
of Modpodge

I let that dry for a day
 then I cut the slot out of the ball
 and gently pulled the ball out 

I decided it needed some bling 
so I used one row of rhinestones

For the base i covered a stryofoam ring
from the Dollar Tree
with satin ribbon 
and add rhinesotn bling from the Dollar Tree