Sunday, December 14, 2014

Name Tile Ornaments

Tile Ornaments

This is a very easy project
You will need
drill (I use a dremel)
craft sticks
scrable tiles
glue (I use Aleenes Tacky glue)
5/8 in long eye screws
Once you get all the letters together
I put the top tile in a vise and drill a hole

Screw in the eye hook

 then glue the tiles
 on the craft stick

The back side

 On the ones that the tiles
don't come to the end
I sanded the stick flush

They proably take more
time to dry than they do 
to make

I used ribbon to make the hangers
and put bows
 on the female names

I had to get creative 
with the babies
because I didn't have any y's


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