Monday, October 30, 2017

Space Wedding : Planet Centerpieces

The idea came
from this photo:

The base are balloon weights from Dollar Tree

To represent the family we used 4 planets

2 2.5 inch ones for the parents
2  2 inch for the children

Instead of being scientifically correct
it was decided to take each ones
favorite color and create their
own planets

The paint was sponged on with a dauber
for the best coverage

placed on skewers
rubber banded and tapped together

and hot glued to the base

the planet stems are anchored
by using 2 of the star branches 
twisted around the taped

The bottom is then reattached 

To take up more area on the table
12x12 mirror tiles from Lowes were used

The centerpieces worked out to be about $5 a piece!

We added Dollar Tree star shaped tealights

!st scuff up the finish w a sading block

I attached them to the box with
poster ticky tack

Then sprayed them with
Krylon Shimmering Purple

in retrospect I would
do a few things differently
because this spray 
is difficult. I would've 
base coated them
with black paint
thus decreasing how much of 
this paint I use - it is rather pricey
at $10 a can (I used 50% off coupons)
but it still was $10 for 
40 of them
They needed multiple coats
and the glitter part had a tendancy
to clump
I would consider just spraying
the item with purple paint 
then adding glitter

The end product: