Tuesday, January 15, 2013


When I saw this 
recipe I knew I had
to try it

With a couple of adaption

I couldn't see
dirtying 2 pans
so I decided to just do it 
in the frying pan instead 
of the crockpot
I also used frozen chopped
 bell peppers and onion mix
I added more cilantro
and green olives 
because my family loves it
I omitted the salt because the 
olives add enough sodium

2 1/2 lbs 93% lean ground beef
2 cup frozen onion and  bell peppers
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 bunch minced cilantro
1 small tomato, diced
8 oz can tomato sauce
1/2 jar manzanilla olives, pimientos, 
1 1/2 tsp ground cumin

chop olives, cilantro and tomatoes

Brown meat in a large deep skillet 
on medium-high heat; 
Use a wooden spoon to break the meat
 up into small pieces. 
Add the onions, garlic 
and bell peppers and tomato, 

add olives and cilantro

 add tomato sauce

I wrapped half of the 
mix into warm tortillas

This recipe is a definite

The other half I
added quinoa
and stuffed bell peppers

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Milking It

I came across
a deal on milk caps
so I thought why not????

I added some silver rings
and cracked acrylic beads 

 Some single ones
with baubles

Put a Ring on it

My hsb started 
making spoon rings

these we call shield rings

progressed to fork rings 

then wrap around fork rings

and now butter knife rings

Aren't these AWESOME????

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


On New Year’s instead of resolutions, 
I try to find a word to live 
by in the new year. 
Last years word was learn
 – I learned to pay sales tax online, 
start my business, open an etsy shop, 
set up at festivals 
and events in all kinds of weather 
and under interesting conditions.
 I learned I need to be more patience. 
I learned once again to trust my gut feeling 
and if something doesn’t seem right 
to seek a second opinion. 
I survived and persevered despite the obstacles.
I have been thinking what the word 
for this year should be an decided on : 

 It’s time to let go of things 
that no longer enhance or define 
the life I want to live.

sim·pli·fy  [sim-pluh-fahy]  verb : 
to make less complex or complicated;
 make plainer or easier

What would/is your word for the New Year?

The following came from: Work Awesome

1. Figure Out What’s Really Important
Figuring out what’s really important to you,
 what makes you happy and what are the 
goals for your life is the first step towards 
the simplification you aim to achieve.
It’s only when you know what’s really
 important, you can prioritize your tasks 
accordingly and get things done
 without being stressed.

2. Analyze Your Current Routine

Spend a day analyzing how you have been 
spending your days. What is your daily routine
 like? Has it helped with your work? Has it helped 
your health? Are you able to take time out
 for family and friends? Have you been 
prioritizing tasks according to what’s really
 important? Is the routine designed accordingly?
If any of these are out of whack,
 it’s time to change the routine.

3. Overcome Information Overload

Although most of the information we consume 
every day may appear to be “life-saving” at first
 glance, it’s actually avoidable. I’ve talked about 
tips for managing information overload and managing
 your RSS feeds before here at WorkAwesome.
Susan offered tips on managing email overload. 
Did you read and implement the steps suggested? 
If you haven’t yet, it’s time you get started with them.

4. Simplify Household Tasks

Most people don’t realize that household chores
, if not done productively, could easily take 
up a significant chunk of your time. 
It’s important to simplify them.
What are the chores you do every day?
 Which of them have to be done every day?
 How do you organize your household in 
a way that it eliminates many chores? 
These are some questions you need to answer.

5. Get Rid of Things You Don’t Use

Take a look at that old bookshelf that has
 piles of books gathering dust. You never
 read any of them twice. Heck, you didn’t 
even read some of them once! Don’t you think
 you are better off distributing them to someone 
who could benefit from reading them?
The same can be applied to your DVDs, CDs, 
gadgets et al. Either sell them or give them away. Simplify.

6. Don’t Buy Things You Might Not Use

The reason you had that enormous collection
 of books or DVDs in the first place was because
 you bought them thinking they’d be of great help. 
Turns out you were wrong.
So, from now on, only buy things you are 
likely to use — and use often. When it comes
 to books and movies (unless you are a voracious
 reader or a movie buff) you can borrow or rent 
hem instead of buying each new thing that comes out.

7. De-clutter and Organize Your Home & Workplace

Yes, de-clutter. De-clutter your desk,
 de-clutter your desktop,
 de-clutter your workspace. Just get started
 on cleaning up the mess that’s surrounding you.
Make things look clean and simple around you.
 This is an important step in simplifying your life.

8. Go Paperless

If you look around you, most of the clutter
 is constituted by paper in one or 
form or another. So going paperless not only
 makes your work easier and saves you time,
 it also significantly reduces workspace clutter.
I understand that a few tasks need paper.
 But try to use latest tools and software 
as much as possible to get things done.

9. Delegate and Get Help

No matter how organized you are
 — and how easily you can get things done 
— if your work grows, you are bound to
 get overwhelmed if you are doing it all alone.
 And that’s not just for your work, 
but for everything else in your life.
Delegating tasks to others who can do 
it better than you, collaborating with friends
 in various aspects of life, seeking help
 from someone who knows it better…
all this helps to keep you sane 
and carry on with life without 
getting stressed and frustrated.

10. Disconnect Often

Last, and probably the most important step 
in simplifying your life – disconnect often.
 Disconnect from what? From anything that 
has you connected all day. It could be the
 internet for one, a cellphone for another.
 For someone, it might be a musical instrument
 which he just can’t stop playing for hours.
Take a few hours off every week, and a day
 or two off every month from what you do 
every day. Stay disconnected…stay abandoned.
 Spend time with yourself, with something 
you like to do but can’t find time for, 
ith someone you love but don’t have time for,
 with nature. Take time out and thank
 the universe for the life
and the opportunities you’ve got.