Thursday, December 12, 2013

Easy PB Reece Cup Cookies

The orginal recipe came from

I did a little changing
instead of making 
their peanut butter cookie recipe
I bought Pillsbury store bought dough

I used a scoop
and made balls
and put them in a mini cupcake pan
then put the mini Reeces Cups in the middle
pressing them down

I baked them at 350
for at least 10 min

Taking them out of the mini pan 
is challenging
They do need to cool down
and I used a knife 
down the side of the 
cookie and pop them out

Once out 
I drizzled them with
Chocolate Almond Bark

These taste as good as they look

Peanut Butter Recipe
Mini Reeces Cups
Almond Bark Drizzle