Monday, March 25, 2013

Victorian meets Madonna Display

I have been working
on my displays for my 
booth this year

My jewelry has taken a turn
and it is time 
for my displays
as well

I bought this 
wire dress from 

Vintage Dress Form

The black wasn't working for me
so I sprayed it Heirloom White

I started pining the jewelry on the frame
but that wasn't doing it for me
so I decided to ties some
lace curtains on her

She will have more
necklaces attached to her
this was just a test

From this angle
all I could think of
was Madonna look
of the 1980's

but from
this angle
it looks
like a bustle

I was pretty impressed 
oh how she looks
I will be pulling up
her skirt in the back
so there isn't
a gap

Now on to the
table displays

grandbaby count down
10 weeks down
1/4 of the way
30 weeks to go.....

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