Thursday, October 6, 2011

Epic Fail

Over a year ago we stayed
at a bed breakfast
and fell in love with 
the color* of the room

So we went 
and got the color chip
taped it to the wall 
and that is where
 it sat for a year
Now my husband is home
we decided
 it was time to 
put it on the wall

*For full disclosure 
I do not like
 blue walls
so this was
 a BIG stretch
but I was 
willing to try it

I had pictures
that had blue
 in them
and thought
 it would be 
a great fit

Patterned Magnolia Branch Art Print

Not so much:
It is difficult in the photos
but the colors are
too off

it was odd 
that both of us
 liked the art work
so when we realized 
the paint was a fail
esp with 
the art work and curtains

the next decison
do we paint 
or do we replace 
curtains/art work
well the simple answer....


1 comment:

  1. Oh man, what a job! Vallas didn't like the green I picked for the kitchen at first (Leap Frog) but it darkened down and is perfect, thank goodness. He chose Chocolate Chip for his living room and it looks great. Take the art work with you when you pick the new color. Happy painting, again ;p