Friday, October 7, 2011

Time to stop and rest...

While on base the other day
to have our wills drawn up
we decided to go to the lakes

There are 3 of them
near each other

this one you can canoe 
or paddle boat on

The water was like glass
it was so calm  

The leaves are starting to fall

They are right by the flight line
so the peace and quiet was interrupted
by these big boys:

The next lake is a little farther down and people 
were fishing at it

It was sooo very peaceful 
It was a perfect Autumn day
I'll have the other lakes
 in my next posting


  1. What a gorgeous spot to walk, sit and read a book, or take photographs. Three lovely lakes...that is really nice. The reflections and shadows you were able to capture are stunning. Lovely photography. genie

  2. Beautiful and peacefull photos! Fall is really a great season!

  3. What a wonderful Fall day! It looks wonderful there!!

  4. Pefect pictures for an awsome fall day. Happy Outdoor Wed.

  5. These pictures are just stunning. Those water shots and lots of beauties you included in your blog. I saw the white squirrels you have. We don't have them here.