Thursday, September 1, 2011

Life and Times.....

I've had a few people
ask where I have been

....I wish I could say
I've been on a beach vacation

but alas.....I can not
There are many changes 
in my life right now
and things have been
topsy - turvy

I can't go into details
right now because
my blog has eyes

I will say ....
             .....we are ok 
and in a better place
than we have been

I guess to sum up
in  one word

You may not realize
 it when it happens, 
but a kick in the teeth 
may be the best thing 
in the world for you.  
~Walt Disney

I have been very busy
with a friends campaign
 for city council
(have been using my cricut 
and will have tutorials)

First Fridays - only 2 left!

also volunteering for our
up coming community festival
(it is new and improved)

sorting tossing and selling!

My dtrs what seems 
annual move

I have some great inexpensive
cheap decor ideas
to share with you...

Even some new recipes!
So be on the watch....

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  1. Just ran across your blog from a link on Tip Junkie. Great blog! Loved visiting!