Saturday, September 24, 2011

Festival Day 2

Day 2
of the Community Festival
was the parade in the morning
(see separate post here)



then I worked the campaign booth
 in the afternoon

The Candidate

The candidates twin and his family

 There were a lot of us
 running around with blue t-shirts

we gave away 1600+ 
pieces of cotton candy

I was surprised how many
 people came up
and when we handed 
them a free cotton candy
they were surprised 
(I guess no one gives free things)
- and how many older people
 commented that it had 
been years since they had it!

The best thing 
is being w my girls

I was so tired I didn't even go over to take photos
of the moon glow
The festival ended at 9
and we left abt 10:15
when all the vendors had left
and we got the roads ready
to be re-opened by the police
It was a great weekend but it took
 me a few days to recoup

I did borrow 
the following photo
 of the balloon glow
by my friend Alan King

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