Sunday, May 8, 2011

1st Friday...

This is the 3rd year 
the downtown merchants
have held First Fridays
It is the 1st Friday of the month
When I managed the thrift store
I got to know the merchants
and when I left the theater
I wanted to stay involved
in the community
so this year I joined the 1st Fridays 

The city had their booths...

  One of the local youth groups
(I also volunteer with fundraising with them)
kids and robots run the carnival games
for kids

Also the kids could draw on the side walk

Face painting

There were all kinds of vendors

Mary Kay



local crafters

Charies and service organizations

The Sonic Hot Dog

There was entertainment
This was a player
that read cards with holes in it


Street Musicians

Log cutting


Indian Food

Lemonade/Funnel cakes

Dans Deli 
Maggie Moos Ice Cream

Italian Ices

There was a Cruise In
because the weather was iffy
not as many showed

and My hsb....

See he will wear his kilt
everywhere he goes
until $1000
is donated to the kids and robots

The initial reports
I got from the vendor
and the things I over heard
were all good

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  1. Oh my goodness! Our former home town of Marion, IN did this same thing! Right around the court house and EVERYTHING!

    I don't think ours went into October though.