Sunday, May 1, 2011

What a day....

It was a busy weekend
We started out the day

by helping pick up
trash in our downtown in preparation

for 1st Fri this next weekend

We then came home and did 
yard work
We found out Isabella
loves water
She wasn't sure at first

before long
she was "eating" the water

 And playing in it...

 she had a blast!

 We have her on a 20ft leash
when we are out front
because we live on a busy
street and she really isn't 

 She loved smelling the lilacs

She was one happy dog...

 We then went
to our local
historical society's
Log House dinner

 Fresh bread with apple butter

 Field Green Salad

 Beef Stew

Berry Buckle

What a great day....
tomorrow we have a birthday party
and some R & R time


  1. You have become good friends and a great addition our city, thanks for calling it Home too!

  2. You are so civic minded, Jo! It's nice to see people involved in their community. Isabella is getting SO big. She must love being out front with you when you're working in the yard. :-)