Tuesday, September 7, 2010

To pretty to hate.....

It's a pretty plant

Did you know it is from the sunflower family?
Me either

but for many of us
this time of year we live like this

instead of this

The news today said
the ragweed is at
an all time high

Pollen peaks typically

Something interesting
 I have learned on researching
that goldenrod
isn't the culprit at this time of year

Apparently it just happens to bloom 
and it isn't airborne in the traditional sense
it is spread by insects
It is also the 
Nebraska State Flower

Time to stock up on these

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  1. As irritating as ragweed is, wild parsnip or giant hogwart are soooooo much more dangerous for the way they BURN skin.

    I was burnt this summer, and now one of my friends is suffering the ill effects so I'm trying to SPREAD the WORD!