Monday, August 2, 2010


I don't know what this pattern is

I bought the cup recently
for $3
If anyone knows
please let me know

This is Bordallo Pinheiro
Vine Pattern
I recently purchased for $3.50

The Portugese cartoonist, Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro
began creating unique ceramic tiles & pottery at 38 years of age.
He became renowned for some of his creations
and quickly became known as a Master in the pottery
world. Relatively unknown in America, Bordallo Pinheiro
pottery is very popular in Portugal and abroad. The production
facility still exists in Portugal where is started 120 years ago.
Many of Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro's works are housed
in a museum in the interior of the factory
where pottery is still produced today.
Faianças Artísticas Bordalo Pinheiro, Ltd,
continues to produce beautiful pottery and dishware
following the design and standards set
forth by Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro over a century ago.
Many of the designs feature animals, fish and
other motifs found in nature. The combination of rich colors
and natural subjects makes the Bordallo Pinheiro
line of pottery highly collectible and still useful in today's kitchen.

Pope Gosser 
I recently purchased this tea cup
for $3

The Pope-Gosser company was organized in Coshocton, Ohio in 1902 by Charles F.  Gosser  and Bentley Pope.  In the beginning Pope Gosser experimented with high quality decorative pieces.  Later on the concentration  was on dinnerware.  The company closed in 1958.

Pope was a skillful decorator
 who was born in England. 
He came to America in 1870                                                                    
  and worked at Trenton until 1891, 
when he moved to Ohio.  
At that time he become manager                                                         
 of KTK until 1903, when he left to
 form the Pope-Gosser 
China Company with Gosser The wares 
were "excellently potted"
 and the shapes were a departure                                                                                              
  from existing models. The company begin to immediately
 produce high grade translucent                                                             
  china for vases, etc.  Not finding the profit in this line,
 the company switched                                                                                          
 to dinnerware which was harder than the
 usual dinnerware of the times.
Pope-Gosser joined the ill-fated 
American China Company in 1929.                                                                                                 
After the demise of that company, Pope-Gosser
 was re-organized                                                                                                           
   in 1932 by Frank Judge.  
The company continued to make                                                                                                                      semi porcelain wares until 1958, 
although the quality of these                                                                                                     
          wares was not up to the 
standards of the old company.
Turn of The Century Dinnerware by Joanne Jasper).


  1. Pretty teacups. I thought the green one was going to be my favorite, until I saw last one with the pink roses.

    Happy Monday! La

  2. I love tea cups, tea pots, and especially demitasse size cream and sugars.

    I have a tea cup that looks SHOCKINGLY like the last one you showed here, only mine says "Theodore Haviland, Limoges France" on the bottom.

    Oh - - - and mine doesn't have the lovely gold trim.

  3. I like the pine cone design. It will be nice to set out in the fall. Unusual pattern. I love the pink one best though :).

  4. ALL of your teacups are beautiful. i love the pine cone design, it looks familiar but I can't place it. Love the pink and white of course!

  5. Hi: You scored with great prices. Each one is so pretty. Thank you so much for joining us this week. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  6. Hello :) What very lovely teacups; I especially really love the last one with all the sweet little pink roses...I'm a sucker for pink roses, lol :) Love your sparkly bling too!

    Happy Teacup Tuesday, warmest, Brenda

  7. Hi, Jo,
    I enjoyed seeing all of your tea cups, each one unique and very charming. I also enjoyed reading the history behind them. I am a pink roses gal so I especially loved that last one. Have a beautiful week, dear friend~ Vicki

  8. All your teacups are lovely. I really like the embossed leaf design on the Bordallo Pinheiro cup. It was nice seeing the jewelry too.

  9. Hello there lovely lady,

    Thanks for sharing these delightful teacups!~ I just love them; so pretty!

    Thanks for joining in with the, 'Tuesday And Wednesday Teatime In Blogland', fun once again!

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  10. Such lovely teacups....I especially like the pinecone one :)


  11. Very pretty ones! The pine cone would be nice for the holidays...makes me think of Christmas trees, a winter forest.....

  12. I very much like the first teacup! It would be lovely around Christmas time or at my house nestled amidst so many large fir and cedar trees~

    I have never seen a teacup with such pretty and bold pine cones.

  13. These are all so pretty. I wish I knew who made the first one for you, it certainly is lovely. Take care.

  14. Isn't it fabulous when you discover a beautiful teacup for a thrifty price?!! You discovered some beauties, that's for sure.

    My favorite is the last one, with the roses. But, since green is second only to pink in my color palette, I really loved the all-green one as well.

    Have a lovely day,
    Patti (Fill My Cup with Beauty)

  15. All of the cups were gorgeous and what great finds for you. The first one has a Christmasy feel to it ... interesting post as well with lots of information. Well done!

  16. Jo, I love the pink and white floral teacup, as well as your pine cone teacup. The pine cone pattern is so unique!

  17. Lovely teacups, the Pope Gosser Clementine is my favorite, love the dainty design. So great to learn about the teacups on some of the blogs, I always wish I knew more about all the ones I have too.

  18. Very beautiful. I think the Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro is my favorite. I love how its monochromatic and the little checkerboard around the edge is a nice touch. I especially like that you found them at such reasonable prices.

  19. I just love all of the tea cups you shared with us today but I really like the first one!!
    I think with the pine cones on it, it would be perfect for the holiday season and the rest of the winter months!!