Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Put in Bay 1

Sights on Put in Bay

I love carousels


There are so many cool looking
on the island

there are tons of bars


This was the blacksmith shop

it actually has sand

we actually found an 
Antique/ Thrift Shop on the island

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All proceeds benefit
the historical society
I did find a piece of fabric
for $2

There is a common
in the middle of the

most people drive golf carts


  1. Looks like a place I'd like to visit. Put it on the list - - -

  2. I haven't been to Put-in-Bay since I was a kid. La

  3. Looks like a fun place, great photos! Is this near Magee Marsh or Port Clinton, it sounds familiar?

  4. Oh I would LOVE to visit Put-in-Bay! Send some of the cool down this way. And those shops looked like I needed to visit them. Thanks for sharing. Charlene

  5. Oh what a wonderful time you had! I would love to visit this spot someday.

  6. Jo, what a fun excursion! I'd love a ride on the carousel. ~ Sarah

  7. I've never been, but always wanted to go. We camped on Kelley's Island last year, but there just wasn't that much to do there. I love how that part of Ohio is sooooo much different than the rest of the state. It has such a beachy feel to it.

  8. Hello Jo,

    What a great place! I would love to visit and wander around but I would definitely make the carousel a priority. I love carousels! Last October I took a trip to Spokane, WA and fell in love with one there. It was built in 1906 and has some rare pieces. I did post on 10/07/09 about it if you would like to see it.

    Thank you for the wonderful tour of Put in Bay!

    ~ Tracy