Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Clara's Station

From its beginning in 1903,
the “Union Depot” on Michigan Avenue

was a haven of hospitality for train

passengers and Lansing locals
whose entertainment was watching
the iron horse pull in each day. It’s
rumored this station was also used
as a backdrop in the production and
shooting of the famous novel turned
movie “Anatomy of a Murder.”
The elaborate combination of cut
stone arches and towers was
designed be Detroit architects
Spiers and Rohns who gave several
Michigan railroad stations a
similar dash of 
Romanesque design.

Evidence of the good “Olds” days
kept disappearing but Union Station
continued to serve passengers
until 1972 when all service
through Lansing was discontinued
and the station was closed.
Three years later Amtrak resumed
service but East Lansing
won the depot bid. Active
restaurateurs bought the station
in 1978 and today you
enjoy the results of their
efforts in reconstructing
a little of Lansing’s tradition.*

The foyer waiting room

The solid oak sideboards 
like the hostess stand 
and the oak tree halls are typical
 of the ones found in the 
better homes of the 1890's.

The slag gas lamp in the parlor
once a ticket agent's office,
light the entrance of the
original consumers Power building

The walnut mgrs office is constructed
from the ceiling of one
of the homes built in 1890

The inside was gorgeous
The Main Room

The Fireplace Room

Such architectural designs

The windows of Clara’s have been 
authentically reproduced
 using popular 1903 designs.

The old ticket office is glamorized 
with a bronze chandelier
 from a Belgium department store.

Omelet Bar

The elaborate circus
 horse drawn wagon decoration
 hanging from the balcony
 above the Wurlitzer juke box 
is from early 1900's

At the bottom of the stair railing
is a signed Bradley Hubbard
solid bronze edition statue lamp
which had once light the
way into the Old's family
second floor music room.
It was found in the Old's
home when it was torn
down in 1972 to
make way for I-496

The bar 

Some of the lighting

Hanging from the cathedral
ceiling are 3 crystal chandeliers
They started their life
in a London Opera house.  

This bronze baccarat
crystal chandelier
started it's life in 1825
in a Paris mansion. It is
the oldest lighting fixture
in the restaurant

We ate in the train car

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