Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blogging Question

Does anyone know why 
when I copy and paste
text it is all over the place?

example here  and here
Before I post it, it looks fine
Also how do I correct it
 even if I redo it
and it looks right when I post it 
then look at it 
its a mess



  1. I think possibly that problem is because on the original post you hit "enter" to go to the next line at certain points, but when you copy and paste it those enters aren't where you want them.

    What I get frustrated with is that when I copy and paste things for a new post, the font size changes and I can't for the LIFE of me figure out how to change THAT.

    Blogger has a few glitches like these - - - but I STILL love using it. I've checked out some other methods of blogging and haven't been happy with any of them, so I stay with blogger.

  2. When you copy and paste it is in the format of where you got it from. I find if after I paste, I highlight and then go to my size font and put it as the same as the rest of my blog it will sometimes correct its self. Let me know if that works.

  3. I am glad you got some answers because I was clueless! I still don't know how to get cute fonts to begin with. I live in the dark ages, har har.

  4. I am having both of these problems! It drives me NUTS!

  5. Things like this are why I don't use Blogger. I use Live Writer and find it very user friendly! Hope you find a solution to your problem. :-) Sue