Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Our Sunset Place Catawba Is

We stayed at a B and B
on Catawba Island
on Lake Erie
for 2 nights

The Room

The room 
between the bedroom 
and bath
From the bathroom

I loved the bathroom

especially the tub

I fell in love
with the room color
Pittsburg Paints
Ocean Bay
Also love
the wall decor

Matter of fact
I plan on doing something similar
in my family room
The branch was painted on
and the copper leaves were stuck on
with ticky tacky

so they could be removed easily

I was told that the original
the branches were
 cut into the board
and the leaves were stuck
into the plaster

There are 3 levels in which you can see 
the Lake

The top level is from the 
common area

from the basement level
which is where our room is
view from the room

The garden area

and the shore level
this is from the level looking up

From basement level

I will be posting
sunset photos I took in the future

I wish I had taken photos \
of the breakfasts we had

1st morning
fresh fruit
cinnamon muffin
French toast w/ red haven peaches/syrup
and bacon

2nd morning
fruit fruit
blueberry muffins
hash browns
ham made into a cup
baked w/ 2 eggs
topped with mozzarella cheese
pesto and tomato

our 2nd night
cheese tray
bottle of local wine

The best thing abt this B and B 
is this

Miss Monroe

She is a German Shorthair retriever

She will swim 4-8 hrs a day

just looking

 and sometime digging up the sand

No one knows why she does it
but she does
They have to have
 her on a teether 

because she will swim off
not paying attn just
a swimming

She was quite the source of entertainment

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  1. I would love to take a long soak in a tub like that! La