Monday, March 8, 2010

Second Time Around

A couple of weeks ago
I got a few items at an antique store
to complete the top of the cabinet

The cranes match a piece of art work
in the room

I originally thought 
that they were carved out of a hard plastic
similar to bakelite
however a fellow blogger Karina
post a comment that lead me to research them
the and I believe
 they might be carved out 
of some kind of horn
Thanks to Karina at Thas Nifty
if anyone else has any info
I'd appreciate it

I also found a ceramic bell jar

I think it works it well

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  1. Jo those look so great together. I love the cranes...hope you find out more about them.

  2. They look like they were meant to be together. Great finds!

  3. nice arrangement and nice treasures. The bell jar is just beautiful and fits in perfectly.

  4. I think your cranes are carved horn, maybe buffalo, not plastic. They reminded me of a ship sculpture my grandparent's had. you might want to google search: heron carved horn. There was one in the shopping tab, that looked a lot like yours.

    Yours are fabulous! thanks for sharing :)

    -brightest blessings-

  5. Very good finds and very nicely arranged.

  6. Everything in this arrangement goes well together. Great finds!!