Monday, June 1, 2009

What a Week...........

This has been such a busy week. There were two graduations - one for high school, the other was for the career center.

It was the typical 2 hrs of endless speeches....
5 min to get the diploma.......

and then more talking yada yada
then off to celebrating..........The 1st night we came home and had pizza, subs and cake. The second night we went to BD Mongolian. We had a great time.
While Devon was off playing tour guide with visiting family, we had a mini vacation. On Friday we went antiquing, went for ice cream and played goofy golf. Sat we headed out to yard sales and thrift shops. Sunday we went to tour the gardens in Dayton.
I decided to do seperate posts for the antique and yard sale finds; and for the gardens tomorrow.

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