Monday, June 22, 2009

Tea Time

Tea Time

I've been trying to decided which one
of my tea items gets focused for this post?

Is it a new teapot or an old one?

Should it be a teacup or two?

New ones? Old ones? unique?

or average? many a tea time accessory?

So many choices.......

what do I post now and save for the next tea time???

Who wins this spot and who will be a runner up?

Will the runner up be the focus of the next post??

or will it get passed over again........ always the back up???

Well, I did finally make a choice..............

A new one...........

This w/e when I was at the lavender festival
 I picked up this new cup

and it now resides on my wall

btw I don't think I've mentioned

how much I love lavender
have I?


  1. Hi Jo !
    Oh My Gosh ! I have the same rambeling in my head....I hear voices - scary, LOL ! I love the cup you pretty !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  2. A lovely choice! I love lavender!


  3. Such a beautiful teacup. I love the pattern with the pretty lavender color. Just gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  4. I love lavender and I think your cup is so lovely. I hope to go to a lavender festival this summer...

  5. Nice choice, lavender tea cups are hard to find! Very pretty!


  6. Jo, what a perfect keepsake from the lavender festival! I love it!

  7. Such a lovely new cup it is!!! Dont you love lavendar...
    best to you

  8. Hi Jo....your teacup is lovely....good choice. I love the lavender on it.


  9. Hi Jo :)

    The teacup is lovely!

    We haven't made it to the goofy golf course yet, but we plan on it soon. It looks like fun :)

    We missed the YS street fair, because of graduation parties, but I'm glad you took pictures, so we knew what it was like... interesting ;)

    Have a great day!

  10. Hey lady great cup. I had fun too. Chuck

  11. I can totally relate. But usually I procrastinate too long & nothing gets posted or I have to repost an old post from a different blog party that I can get by using for this one.

  12. Hi Jo,

    I'm so glad to meet you. Thank you for your comment on Gracious Hospitality. I love your teacup. I have one just like it! In fact, over time I was able to create an entire tea set in this pattern (it took awhile; not one shop had all the pieces --- so I collected it on travels over time).

    Happy lavender day!

  13. Meet you has been a pleasure.Your lavender tea cup is lovely.

  14. Meet you has been a pleasure.Your lavender tea cup is lovely.

  15. I have 2 lavender mugs but have not been fortunate enough to find a cup and saucer with it on.
    I'll have to bring my mugs over to join you for tea with your cup and saucer - that is, after it comes down off the wall. :-)
    Maybe we'll have lavender tea?

  16. Love the lavendar! I have recipe for lavendar cookies out to bake this week. May I borrow your cup? :)

  17. That is a pretty lavender teacup and it looks nice on the wall with your pictures.

  18. Beautiful Lavendar Teacup! Happy Teacup Tuesday :) Warmest, Brenda

  19. Well... I love lavender. You made a great choice! I like how you have your teacup mounted on the wall like that. I don't think I have seen a holder like that! Cool! Hugs!

  20. I love your lavender tea cup and saucer. I have never seen one myself, and I think they are beautiful.
    Thank you so much for sharing with us today.

  21. I go throught the same preamble.
    Love your lavender teacup. Great choice.
    And now on to next week!
    Have aa great week.

  22. Oh, I adore your new lavendar teacup! It's just DIVINE! And it looks perfect on your wall. Hey, I didn't know you liked LAVENDAR?
    Have a great week and can't wait to see who you choose for next weeks post!

  23. I love your lavender teacup, and it's unique shape. The wall hanger you are using really makes your kitchen wall POP. It's so lovely and brings everything together. take care.

  24. That is such a pretty cup. I love the lavender.
    I love the wall holder such a cute idea!
    Have a wonderful week~ Theresa

  25. Now that is quite a little beauty and quite deserving of the spotlight this week!
    I love lavender too!!

  26. I am just making some lavender gfts I think it's not only beautiful but USEFUL too lovely TC&S ths week hun

    Love Dawn xx

  27. Hi: I must say, you made a great choice. I go thru the same thing when I get ready for my post too. Only, I am older so, I have to double check I did not show it already. Great cup. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  28. So pretty! I love lavender too! everything from the smell to the color!
    Such a pretty cup!

  29. Now that IS a beautiful tea cup! I especially love lavender too and I like the way you have displayed this tea cup~