Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saturday Adventure Part 2

Saturday Adventure 2

As we drove down the road we saw a sign for Cowan Lake state Park - we had never been there so we decided to stop and see what was there- we were pleasantly surprised - there was a nice beach as well as a marina and a lot of picnic areas:

My dtr decided she was going to wade in - the water was actually pretty warm:

There were a lot of sailboats, pontoon boats and canoes - no speedboats
We left there knowing we are going to be back. There are cabins on the lake so that is also a possibility.

So we continued down the road and saw a sign that said Strawberry Festival 4-8. So we decided what the heck, lets go and see............We found a church that was having a lawn party:

They had more than strawberries but we weren't really hungry:

They had homemade vanilla ice cream with strawberries......yum:

There was bluegrass:

Horse rides:

Sometimes the best days are the ones you don't have planned out...............

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