Saturday, August 15, 2009

Yard Sale

Day 1 of the yard sale went a lot better than I expected. I did find it surprising how many men stopped - more than women! I was surprised at what sold and what didn't sell.

Day 2 so far isn't going as well as Day 1 Something we did do different today is we put up a covering since we face west the afternoon sun was brutal yesterday. We did put out more "man stuff" and it all sold. I did sell some of my crafted items. We have had quite a few drive bys. What I have found interesting is that on items priced for .25 ppl will want to haggle down the price. I knew ppl would want to on the big items and I priced them accordingly but not the .25 ones!
All in all it went well and we made abt 1/3 of what we did yesterday. I was surprised that little junk items like door knob kits, plaster patch sold better than the things from Pier 1, Target or handmade craft items. It was mostly baby boomers and I have to say at least as many men as women if not more. I'm glad its over I might do it again but if I do I think I'd try Thurs/Fri. I know I'm going to sleep well tonight!


  1. Hi Jo, I would have liked to have made it to your sale, but was busy Fri./ Sat. It looks as if you had a TON of stuff. As you probably learned, the day to start a sale in this area is definitly Thursday. Don't ask me why, but that is what this area does!?
    I went out briefly on Thursday, saw little... spent a whole 75 cents at one sale for a piece of glassware and $5 at another for some paper sunflowers.
    Guess I need to head out to your place today and check out all your left-overs as you pack them up... tee hee

  2. Wish I could have been there to shop! So will you keep the left overs for another day or send them on their way to a thrift shop?