Thursday, August 20, 2009

Foodie Friday- Zucchini Salad

This salad is similar to one that is served at First Watch.
They serve it on a bed of romaine lettuce
Chop the following in small pieces:
1 lg Zucchini
1/2-1 Red Onion
1 lg Tomatoes
2 stalks Celery
Red Wine Vinagrette to moisten ( I used WishBone)
I hate to say but I didn't use exact measurements. I mixed and taste.
It's best if you let it sit for awhile. I make it up in the am for dinner.

Instead of chopping by hand I use this chopper (Vidalia Chop Wizard) to make my life easier:
Any chopper will work- I have not been asked to promote this by anyone - it purely is just something I bought and use

This is a great summer salad using up all the garden veggies!


  1. Your salad looks so refreshing and summery.

  2. This is just what I need for our abundance of zuchinni this year! I'm always happy to get another great recipe for this veggie. I'm really big on the "taste and test" method too....can't go wrong that I like that its a make-ahead too, one that gets better after sitting! Thanks, I know we'll be enjoying this one very soon.
    Elaine :)

  3. YUM... seems to be a hot week for zuch on everyone's menu... This looks delish my dear! AND, I'm lovin' the new header pic with the sheep... great shot!

    Wanted to stop by and let you know that my blog name has changed from The Blue Ridge Gal to Come see when you have time.


  4. Everthing looks so good Thank You...

  5. A great way to use up that zucchini! It looks pretty, too. ~ Robyn

  6. Pretty, simple and looks delicious — everything you need on a hot summer day!

  7. I, too, love the header pic with the sheep! I am going to make the zucchini salad for a picnic on Sunday. I truly enjoy your blog. Helps me get through the day.
    Sorry about the bats, yuk!

    Ohio Cat

  8. I love the near perfect dice you were able to achieve with that chopper. Your salad looks perfect for these last dog days of summer. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

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