Sunday, August 2, 2009

James Ranch Park

Please join Artie at Share a Garden Sunday

Last week I blogged abt a local park that has a children's section.
Below are pictures of the general gardens that I thought everyone would like. So let's begin....

Through the arbor.....

I love this gazebo, as you probably can tell since I take a lot of pictures of it
Isn't this hibiscus big and beautiful?

Next week I'll show you the house and pond


  1. Oh Jo, what a beautiful garden this is. So wonderful to know that parks like these still exist, and that there is someone out there with enough love and time to keep it so beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing, and being a part of SAGS. I can't wait to see next weeks post! :)

  2. Hey Jo! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on the white room challenge re-cap! :) I really loved Dan's room, and though I think that the idea of using groceries to decorate a room is a little foreign, his room looked the most "traditional" of the bunch! I agree with you though - this group must have been picked for appearance over talent.

  3. Hi Jo :)

    What a beautiful place! I really need to go over there sometime :)


  4. Gorgeous garden - but I would have told everyone it was mine! hahaha