Monday, August 10, 2009

I must be nuts......any tips

I decided to have a yard sale this weekend.....
I'm not sure why...
maybe because the last time I did this was 7 years ago
and like child birth ........
you forget exactly how painful it was.....
My living room looks possessed:

The stacks just seem to be growing!
I have put off the basement - tomorrow is the day.
I just hope people will come out and buy this stuff- cuz it's not coming back into the house !
I think going to sales is more fun than having one....
yup, I must be nuts
Do any of you yard sale veterans have any tips?


  1. Well...yes. If you don't NEED the money and you just want it gone...throw it in the back of your pickup (doesn't everybody have one?) and haul it off to Goodwill!
    I love to go to garage sales..but hate having them. I finally realized since it wasn't the money really and that I just wanted to get rid of it..Goodwill was easier...and next..the trash bin.
    Then again... :)

  2. Never mind! Erase all of the above and sell, sell, sell...:) Then go spend, spend, spend!!
    Never listen to me...I don't know anything!! :)

  3. too hot here to even think of a gargage sale! yikes!

    one thing I always use (and too late for you and this sale)... always have your sale on the first weekend of the month. that's the weekend when the most money is out there and available. you can save this little tip and use it the next time the gargage sale bug bites... in another 7 years!

  4. I LOVE having yard sales!! One tip though, have an ice chest full of bottle water or sodas. People get hot and will PAY for a cold drink while they are shopping!