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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Plastic Clip jewelry

I worked on some new paper clip jewelry
I have to admit I was rather frustrated
with the design

I had a vision and couldn't get it
to do what I wanted it to do
so I had to readjust what 
I thought I wanted 
to what I could do


10 Blog friends say:

  1. Very'd never know they were plastic clips!

  2. Did you leave the paper clips the colors they came? I cannot tell if they are the same or painted. Creative idea!
    Dropping by from Met Monday, 18ft island kitchen.


  3. Brilliant, and if you hadn't told me I would never have guessed what they were. Love it!

  4. Really pretty! I love plastic in jewelry, these are great and look easy & fun to wear!

  5. Beautiful remake, you did an amazing job! The pieces are so fun and pretty!

  6. This is a truly wonderful transformation. So creative and clever!

  7. Such a creative idea.. love how you looked outside the box to create something so charming.. hugs ~lynne~

  8. Very cute! You are so creative!

  9. So creative and clever! These look fabulous - great idea. Visiting from SDC. Hope you are enjoying your week! ~Stephanie Lynn

  10. This is a truly great way to recycle (or upcycle as I like to call it.) I love it and would love to see you post this at my linky party Upcycled Awesome! and come back to my blog for Stashbusting-September. I promise it will be worth your while!