Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Front Yard Transformation

This is my nieces front yard
check out the Backyard

So this w/e 5 of us planted:
5 herbs, 28 perennials, 
5 trees, 10 flats of annuals, 
6 huge planters, 
pulled and replanted/moved 
27 boxwoods/shrubs 
and 5 roses bushes, spread 3 cu yd of mulch

......sunburn $0...
dirt debridement $0....
cuts, abrasions, scrapes, aches, 
pains, sore muscles $0....

beautiful landscape, 
and smiles on loved ones faces


  1. Oh my goodness, that was a lot of hard work!! The landscaping looks just awesome now, beautiful home too! Loved that last little photograph, too cute!


  2. Hi Jo! How lucky your loved one is to have so much help! Her home is gorgeous and all of the landscaping looks so pretty! I'm sure that took some time to do! Make sure you go back and take a picture when it all starts to fill in.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. That last picture says it all! LOL Oh and what a beautiful home!

  4. Jo so much work but it looks lovely! How nice of you to help her home look so pretty!

  5. Girlfriend I know the kind of tired of which you speak! We have done our own landscaping in both the homes we have owned. It's hard work but very rewarding, too.

    I wish we had wonderful helpers like you! The home and landscaping is beautiful!

    Thanks for linking up!

  6. all that hard work paided off, everything looks great! we desperatly need to move our blueberry bushes but we're both waiting on the other to do it LOL

  7. I saw the backyard last Wednesday. You are the most generous family. What an absolutely wonderful gift! Beautiful.

  8. Beautiful landscaping from all that back breaking work. I love to work in the yard. All worth it in the end.

  9. What a gorgeous home! I adore it and the lanscaping is truly amazing. GREAT job! :)

  10. What a beautiful home which became even more lovely with your help. You have a lucky niece. Please stop by for our glass vessel sink giveaway if you haven't already. Jane F.

  11. You can tell what a J.O.B. this was ... the new landscaping looks absolutely beautiful !! Yes, you have one lucky niece.

  12. How pretty, hard work too! How nice of you to help.

    Dropping by from Outdoor Wednesday (post #3). If you haven't registered for our glass vessel sink giveaway, it's open until 5pm EST Wednesday.


  13. Looks like all their hardwork paid off. Their front yard looks absolutely gorgeous, and so is their house.

  14. What a beautiful yard. So nice when family pitches in to help one another. All the hard work will pay off when it all starts filling in.

    ~ Tracy

  15. Ya gotta love that last pic, LOL!