Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Do you some motivation?

Last year I linked up to this 
and I actually got things done!

This event is being held by Gina

So if you really need
something to prod 
you along
try it 
- what have you got to lose?

According to Gina:

You have one week to decide 
which 10 tasks you'd like to complete, 
then list them on your side bar. 
On the 5 day mark to show your progress 
and the 10 day mark to show your results.
 If you need a cheerleader
 to keep motivated, 
then your challenge buddies 
will help you out! 
Your tasks can be as simple
 as decluttering a drawer 
or as big as sewing a slipcover. 
It's all up to you.

The challenge will begin next 
Wednesday, June 23rd and end Friday, July 2nd.
The 5 day link up will be on Sunday, June 27th.

I decided to start early and add items as I went along
I'm trying to see if I can get 
as many things as possible done
since I have needed motivation to do 
so I will red out
what I get done 
and on the 23rd make sure there
 are 10 items to do

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