Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wallpaper Archeology

Today I decided to strip the wallpaper
from the stairwell
I had started it awhile ago
and it was a royal pain
so I left it for another day
Well today was humid
and I don't know if that was it
or I was determined
but it came down easily
I felt like a wallpaper

It starts out with white paint

in some spots the next layer is a deep red
then almost a aqua

there even might be another layer 
of paper but 
I was unable to get to it
I did find this strip on top of the stripe layer 
this also is in spots

This border goes with the striped wallpaper

Next Layer

I love this layer

possible border

This is the last layer

The border
when I went to uncover it 
I thought my finger would be
 gentler to remove it but it
 ended up bleeding and smearing

Another border that I 
don't have a clue 
went with what

After doing the walls
which I don't have a clue what color etc
I will be refinishing 
the stairs
I'm thinking
stained top
with heirloom white


  1. I've renovated a house or two in my time and I know how tough it can be to strip wallpaper. I bought myself a wallpaper steamer which helped a bit. Good luck with it.

    Hugs XX

  2. After having lived in a house that had wallpaper (we bought home that way) I have vowed NEVER to apply wall paper in our home. I began stripping the wallpaper from that house which led to tearing out the carpet, laying wood floors, new tile in two other rooms, moving kitchen cabinets around, painting, installing granite countertops, etc. 18 months later everything was done. One thing just led to another... HA HA


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