Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lafayette Hotel 1

We stayed in Marietta
The Lafayette Hotel

The Lafayette hotel overlooks the Ohio and Muskingum Rivers
 and is in the heart of historic downtown Marietta. 
They have 77 unique guest rooms. 

One of the last riverboat-era hotels,
 the Lafayette opened on July 1, 1918,
 and was named in honor of the Marquis de Lafayette, 
who visited the city in 1825 at a site near the hotel.
 He has since been regarded as Marietta's first tourist.
With its distinctive triangular shape, 
the hotel offers guest rooms with views 
of either the Ohio or Muskingum Rivers,
 whose legendary flooding a half-century ago
 is indicated on benchmarks in the lobby.

The lobby

An 11-foot pilot wheel from the steamboat
 J. D. Ayres is featured the lobby.

Wood Work

Some of the furniture

There are many 
rooms and hallways
walking towards the ballrooms

Remember pay phones

the entrance for the Gun Room Restaurant
and Ballroom

The original call bell system of the Mansion House
 is displayed on the left hand wall as you enter
 the Front Street entrance to the dining room.
 A dozen small bronze bells, numbered and suspended
 on coil springs 
were activated by pulling a cord 
upstairs placed in each room. 
The bell would vibrate on its spring for several minutes 
so the maid could see what chamber 
was calling for her
. Reno Hoag and his son found this system
 when the old Mansion House was demolished.
 They rehabilitated the system
 for display in the Hotel. 
The bells and other parts of the system were
 made in England.
 Similar systems were used in English inns
 in the 17th century 

The Ballrooms