Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lafayette Hotel 3

Riverview Lounge
In 1919, prohibition stopped the legal sale 
of alcohol on hotel property.
 On January 19, 1934, the first liquor license
 in Marietta was issued
 to the Lafayette Hotel for The Taproom Grill.
 In 1950, The Top Flight Bar & Grill replaced 
The Taproom Grill. The Top Flight Bar & Grill 
was decorated like the inside of a airplane 
and the faux windows contained pictures 
of aerial views of the Marietta area.

The Riverview Lounge as it is today 
was renovated in 1984. 
The ceiling was created by hand plastering
 and the large hardwood bar,
 carefully crafted by Amish wood workers, 
was installed. The lounge overlooks the Ohio River
 and has a unique atmosphere with the original riverboat
 paintings and model sternwheelers adorning the area. 

The Gun Room Restaurant

On August 17, 1946, the Gun Room Dining Room 
was formally opened to the public. 
Displayed on the walls is our 
famous collection of long rifles. 
Also displayed throughout the Gun Room 
are a boat's telegraph, steering arms, 
steamboat instruments,
 a bell, a compass and bell pulls. 
The pilot wheels were made for
 the Navy in World War II, but were never used.

The Gun Room is known as

 one of the area's finest dining rooms. 
Over the years, the spelling and name of the restaurant 
has changed from Gun Room Dining Room 
to Gun Room Restaurant 

Long Rifle Collection
The long rifle collection is on

 display in the Gun Room Restaurant. 
These rifles are all handcrafted and
 date from 1795 to 1880. Among this collection
 hangs a percussion rifle made by J.J. Henry and sons,
 who accompanied Benedict Arnold to Quebec in 1775 
and the company later was contracted
 to make muskets for the US Army. 
Each rifle is numbered and a description 
and brief history hangs just inside the entrance
 to the Gun Room Restaurant. 

It still is very nice inside
especially for a hotel
We went for Sunday Brunch
before we headed 
off to Amish Country

I love the chandeliers


  1. Beautiful! I love the history behind it. Such a neat place.


  2. Nancy~ What a beautiful place to visit. Thank you for all the great pictures!

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