Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sanding Tip

If you own one of these
you know how expensive the sandpaper 
can be for it
abt $1.25 a pad
and they don't last very long

I got a tip from another website
You take a used piece
trace the shape 

 cut  it out
glue it to the old pad

Put weight on it and wait until am

I was pretty impressed 
on how well it worked
and I figure you can
get 4 pads from a sheet of sandpaper
As with anything 
be cautious when using


  1. I'm actually looking for a sander. Do you like yours? I haven't checked any out, as of yet. Nice post on that home show in the early spring. I liked seeing all that tile- I need to come up w/some designs for the bathroom. Hope you're keeping cool inside. It has been so hot and humid. yuk
    :-) Sue

  2. Hi Im a new follower. What great pictures. I hope you have a great weekend.