Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Seeing Red

All the reds and pinks of Valentine's
inspired me to make this set

The clasp

My next project is Spring inspired
I think you'll be surprised at what I used
Here's a little hint:


  1. How cute! Love the heart clasp!

  2. Hi Jo...Thanks for stopping by and commiserating(is that spelled right?) on all this snow! Our schools have been closed since last Friday. Thanks for the idea on the cherry crisp! That looks so good! Enjoyed your photos of the Franklin Park Conservatory. My niece got married there in 1995 in June and in the morning and it was stifling in there! Pretty place though! Have a great day and stay safe in this weather!~Patti

  3. Hello Jo!

    Cute necklace Jo! You asked on my blog about the laundry detergent...I only use it on my whites and color clothes. I meant to write that and forgot! It is there now! Thanks for the question.

    Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!