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Sunday, February 21, 2010

From this and that

I was stuck visiting at 
computer parts store
with my husband
bored fascinated out 
of my skull
until I found 
all kinds of
bits and pieces
I don't know what the following 
are actually used for

but I had an idea I could use them 
for jewelry
I believe I paid .25 a lb
I got abt 50 of them for pennies

I had a few links left 
from various other pieces
I have made so I decided
 I needed to find something I
could use this and that with
So this has been made with
a little bit of this 
and a little bit of that

I bet you didn't think I had anything blue...but I do

19 Blog friends say:

  1. Jo your jewelry is really pretty and you are very creative!

  2. You really have an eye for beauty in the oddest places! Thanks for sharing with Made it Monday! Jules

  3. Neat idea to repurpose computer parts into jewelry!

  4. You are very clever. I would have never looked at those computer parts and though jewelry. The necklace and earrings are really beautiful.

  5. Jo, beautiful job! They are all my favorite colors~

  6. Jo, your jewelry is pretty and creative. Happy Blue Monday.

  7. Love all that jewelery, something I would totally wear! FUN!~ Happy Monday!!~

  8. The jewelry is stunning and you are so imaginative!!

  9. You have a keen sense of using things for the better. Who would even think of using computer parts for jewelry or anything else except computer.

  10. These jewelry looks gorgeous.

  11. Jo - how clever you are and I adore every piece of jewelery you made!

  12. How fun! I loved all of your jewelry. I am married to a computer guy but I too don't have a clue what those pieces are...but that look great in your necklace. :)

  13. How pretty, love the blue beads you chose.
    Happy Blue Monday!

  14. Very clever idea...I love roaming the hardware store for ideas, but never thought of the computer repair shop!! You have a flair for putting these together so well...My favorite is the 1st one!!

  15. How beautiful and I love what you did with the spare parts ;)
    Happy BLues~

  16. Love your jewelry! Very pretty!

  17. I love your jewelry. Very creative.