Thursday, February 25, 2010

North Market

For Chuck's birthday 

we went to North Market
and the conservatory
both are in Columbus

We had never been here before
and we will visit again soon

We got to sample hot sauces 
yes the hottest was warm
they even had peanut butter
 w/ hot sauce
CaJohn's Flavor & Fire

Mozart's North Market Bakery


Omega Artisan Baking

North Market Poultry and Game
Local Game

The Fish Guys

The Candy Shack

Pure Imagination Chocolatier

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

Pastaria Seconda
Homemade Ravoli

Market Blooms

The view from upstairs

The Greener Grocer

There was even
North Market Cookware

Better Earth

I had leg of lamb
saffron rice
Greek salad
Firdous Express

Slaw Dog for the hubby
Best of the Wurst

Queen City Cayenne Ice Cream

from Jeni's

Rich chocolate slowly reveals hints
 of cayenne and cinnamon

The most exciting thing for me
was to find Portuguese sausage
 from where I grew up

It is one of the items I have missed 
not living in New England

My next post will have the rest of the day

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