Monday, February 1, 2010

Franklin Park Conservatory

Have you ever noticed you end up going to the same places over and over?
For some reason we always venture to Cincinnati
 even though Columbus is the same distance from us
We have decided this year we are going to
adventure out and explore Columbus
We both have needed to get some green
 in our lives... not salad 
but rather around us
so we decided to go to 
Franklin Park Conservatory

According to their website:
Built in 1895, 

Franklin Park Conservatory

is a botanical landmark two miles 

east of downtown Columbus. 

It is a premier horticultural and educational institution 

showcasing exotic plant collections, special exhibitions,   

and a signature collection of work by glass artist Dale Chihuly.

                                                 Set within the 88 acres of Franklin Park,

 the Conservatory houses 400 species 
of plants

from a variety of global climate zones and features

a Victorian Palm House with 

more than 40 species of palms.

It is surrounded by botanical gardens and floral displays.

                                                                       Visitors desk -

                                                   I didn't notice at 1st it was a flower pot


looking down from the entry

Annual exhibitions include The Orchid Forest, 
Blooms and Butterflies, 
and Holidays at the Conservatory. 
The Conservatory has developed a program 
of world-class exhibitions 
by national and international artists

ticket desk

A dynamic and multi-faceted institution, 
Franklin Park Conservatory
 is a unique and popular destination
 for visitors of all ages. 

They also have a really nice cafe that is 
located behind the ticket desk area
this area is in the center of the 
new portion of the conservatory

Of course we had to check out the menu

My husband had the egg salad with chives

I had the Apple, Bacon and Swiss Panini

This the the wall we looked at while eating
in this area there is a lot of Chihuly glass work
which I'll highlight in future posts

I will be doing a lot of posts on this beautiful place  
I took over 350 pictures -  that would've been a long post!
 So over the next weeks I will put up another installments
highlighting each of the rooms-
Rain Forest
The main conservatory -The Palms
The Gardens
Orchid Exhibit
Chilhuly Art

We fell in love with the place so much
 we decided to become members!


  1. I love Chihuly glass and Columbus is a gorgeous city. Can't wait to see more. Funny, but I have a post scheduled tomorrow for a place in Cincinnati. I love reading posts about unique local places! I also never tire of raving up my home town. We can educate the blog world about Ohio, one post at a time.

  2. Beautiful and I love places like this. So wonderful for photographs! Love your valentine wallpaper!

  3. I haven't ever been to this place. If I am ever in this area, I will be heaven almost.
    Joyce M

  4. It must be gorgeous since you took over 350 photos. I like the flower pot unique. Chihuly glass is always so nice to see.

  5. Thanks for sharing - I needed a touch of green. Lunch looks good also. :)

  6. Looks like quite an interesting place to visit. I am looking forward to more posts.

    ~ Tracy