Monday, December 7, 2009

Historic Tour # 3

Here are the 4 houses we toured in a neighboring town

Downstairs bedroom You see it as soon as you walk into the foyer

 love this craft room!

Dining Room

House #2

Room to the Left of the Foyer

I love the chair

Room to the Right of the Foyer

Dining Room

Master Bedroom

Master Bath

2nd bedroom on the 2nd floor

Dressing Room off of the 2nd bedroom

Love the purple and green combo in this room

House #3

Would love to have this gate around my house

The fireplace is black marble

House #4

Transom between the living room and the foyer

I really liked this bathroom
Can you see what the sink area is?

Yes, it is a mantle!

 I wish  could do this in my bath but I have a window above the sink

This is in the dining room:
I could see myself snuggling up in there
and ready a good book on a snowy day

Yes the fireplace screen is made of old windows

The upper cabinets are made from shutters

I will post the last 4 houses hopefully tomorrow

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  1. OMG I'm in heaven! I love all of these homes. I love the tubs! What I would give to have a home like this. I"m also in love with that tall Santa on the first home..I've been wondering where you can get decorations such as these.