Sunday, December 13, 2009

Break Time

We decided to take a few moments from shopping to have lunch,
We stopped at a place called Teaberries -
 it is inside a shop called Heart of Country Gift Shoppe.

Part of the building was an old school house
built in 1883

On the Porch

The Snowman Family Welcomes you!

Even Santa is there!

To cold to swing today

Yes, there actually are curtains on the outsideof the windows

Lets go inside....

I forgot to take a photo of the store
 as we walked in
and went right upstairs

Bears..Bears and more bears

Aren't they sweet...

If you look to the right of the photo
 you'll see the entrance to Teaberries

Do you see the bear w the "fake" Santa beard?

Looking to the first floor
You can't see it in this picture
 however there is a lot of very nice
reasonabily priced

The door to the right
is to the porch that we came in

Another Snowman to welcome you on the first level

 love the braided rugs they have

Yup that's my feeling:

 I did buy a lace mantle runner
I'm thinking abt a panel for my front door

 I thought this album idea was cute

By now my hubby was very ready to eat

There are multiple rooms in which to eat in
they have 2 rooms just for large parties

We were on the porch this time

Room off this hallway

Looking towards the porch

The main room

Back to the food......
We both had what they called the Bistro
Ham/Turkey/Cheese w grilled veggies
 (olives/sundried red peppers/onions)
a cucumber feta olive salad

it was sooooooooooooo good
This is the foyer that you come into and s well pay your bill

It was a nice change from the "chain" places
a very calm and relaxing place to eat

If you are looking for a country themed item
live near Springfield OH
please stop by


  1. This looks wonderful! I want that "born to shop" towel!

    thanks so much for visiting, commenting and posting about my 300th post celebration! Good Luck. I can hardly wait to see who wins!

    blessings. Dixie