Monday, November 16, 2009

Computer Trials and Tribulations

Finally, we got all the computer issues figured out. It looks like it was the modem - we now have all new components and wires. Even after all that my computer wouldn't work! I knew it was my problems since everyone else had internet. I finally found what was wrong this am. I bought this computer in June and have had nothing but problems with it!

It started with every time I type I it does odd things like italics or a box comes up and asks what I want to search. Then the letters stuck like q and w. then the ethernet port started wiggling so I had to hold it in place  -within a week it didn't work at all. So I went to my local computer repairs shop and was told it would cost at least $250 and no guarentee it would be fixed - then amde an off handed comment that they would never buy this particular brand, dude. But they did recommend that I could try a usb ethernet adapter, so off to micr center to get one - $35 later I was back in business. ok great....then the other usb ports started to act up sometimes they recognize my printer sometimes matter what I do......The power cord sometimes will connect sometimes not..........if it doesn't the computer just shuts off - in the middle of whatever I'm doing!

soooo when I couldn't get on to the internet even though it said I was connected yesterday I was ready to play frisbee with this thing.

I would send it back however, I know the drill, they will say it was damaged in shipping  and in the end I will have been without a computer for months and have to buy another new one

soooooooooo I will tolerate it until I can't any longer
and buy something that isn't .......a dude

 I can see it now......

yup... I'll even be younger with a new laptop lol


  1. OH, what you've been through. I'd be even worse if it were not for my electrical engineer soft ware writer. I don't know what I'd do without him.
    How all goes well from now on.

  2. I feel your pain! I am not computer literate and count on my daughter to help me! Good Luck!